BeltramiSCARE the Movie

Check back – if you dare – Friday, October 30th for the Halloween event of a lifetime! BeltramiSCARE – Year 6 – The Sign of the Goat will be released as a feature film in lieu of an in-person event.

Beltrami Park – formerly Maple Hill Cemetery – has a terrifying history that is told every year by none other than Ole Johnson. It promises to be the scariest and most thrilling BeltramiSCARE yet!

The infamous goat of Maple Hill Cemetery has returned to modern times, arriving in the form of a mysterious black hooded figure with the head of a goat! For the last year, “The Goat” – as he’s been known on the street – has been stalking the Beltrami Neighborhood for unknown reasons and has been suspected of being behind the disappearance of many residents, along with ghoulish brandings of others. Residents have reported being approached by The Goat and being branded by a hot iron with ‘The Sign of the Goat’. Little do residents know, but The Goat must brand all residents of Beltrami to allow him to break back into our dimension to regain full power over Beltrami Park. Those who resist, disappear. Young Eirik has been having dreams about The Goat and flashbacks of the Beltrami neighborhood from the past…