BNC Response to the Murder of George Floyd

The Beltrami Neighborhood Council (BNC) recognizes that silence is compliance to an unjust system. We stand with the protesters and our Black and IPOC neighbors in solidarity against police brutality and the murder of George Floyd. This tragic death marks another incident in the troubled history of police brutality toward the Black community. We condemn these acts and call for accountability (charging and prosecution to full extent of the law) and swift justice for all four officers involved. As a neighborhood organization, we urge everyone to unite toward eliminating police brutality and healing our communities.

We are sad. We are terrified. We are anxious. We are angry. We know the status quo cannot keep on going the same inequitable way it has been for the past 400 years. The impact is felt by Twin Cities residents, especially among Black communities. We wish health and safety to all seeking justice. Let us grieve in ways that bring honor to the memory of George Floyd and use this occasion to commit to desperately needed reforms in law enforcement. The same vague, cyclical conversations that trail off cannot be our response to yet another senseless murder at the hands of MPD. We demand change and are prepared to face these uncomfortable realities. Beyond change within our local police force, there needs to be structural change in the system as a whole to promote the well being of all of our communities.

BNC is committed to advocacy and support for the neighborhood. We must all stand up for one another’s rights to dignity, justice, and fair treatment. At a time like this, we are seeing the strength of community and the collective voice amongst people from all walks of life. We must use the voice we have been granted to call for justice, systematic overhaul of our policing system, and healing for our communities. State and City leaders, are you prepared to do this with us?

As an individual, you may not feel your voice can make a difference. Collectively our community can make an impact. Speak up to hold these police officers accountable for their deadly actions. To help demand justice for George Floyd, contact local officials with the authority to impact reforms in law enforcement:

Mayor Jacob Frey



County Attorney Mike Freeman


Council Member Steve Fletcher (Ward 3)


Minneapolis Police Department


Minneapolis Police Union


State Representative Sydney Jordan (60A)


State Senator Kari Dziedzic (SD60)


U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar


U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar


U.S. Senator Tina Smith


Governor Tim Walz


Additionally, please consider donating to Black and IPOC community organizations in the Twin Cities:*VCy6VCUclEfCKw2hF10E5w