BNC Submits Taylor Street Letter of Support

After completing the community outreach and open comment process for the 415/417 Taylor Street Parcel, the BNC has finished and submitted it’s letter of recommendation to the City of Minneapolis as to which projects the neighborhood prefers. If you have questions about the content of the letter, please contact the BNC at The content of the letter is as follows:

To Whom It May Concern,

The Beltrami Neighborhood Council (BNC) would like to submit our comments and preferences for the 415/417 Taylor Street parcel. The BNC went through community outreach efforts to make sure the public had ample opportunities to comment on the projects. BNC Staff door knocked the blocks surrounding the parcel to give in-person notification of the upcoming community meeting and open comment period. A community meeting was held on Wednesday, August 2nd where community members could view the proposals made by each development group, ask questions, and give feedback. The following week, on Monday, August 7th, the BNC had our regular monthly Board Meeting. These meetings are always open to the public and anyone could attend to voice their preference. The public was able to view all proposals online and, once the community meeting occurred, was able to view the recording of the meeting. If they could not give their preference in person we advertised an open email comment period.

As a result of the community meeting, open comment period, and BNC Board Meeting, the BNC would like to support both the proposal submitted by GMHC and the proposal submitted by the Abdulle Family. There was support for both projects from the community and the Board which led us to the conclusion to endorse both projects.

We hope that this neighborhood feedback is helpful to the City entities that are now tasked with deciding which proposal will be awarded the sale of the land.


Jacqueline Benjamin

BNC Board Chair