Park Programming Funding
At the February 5th Board Meeting, the Board of Directors began the 21-day notice period necessary for moving some of our funding from our Neighborhood Priority Plan: Reserve line to our Neighborhood Priority Plan: Park Participation and Lunch Sta [...]
Beltrami Housing Program Planning Moves Forward
For the past 6 months, the BNC has been working on a vision for using our remaining NRP Housing dollars provided to us by the City of Minneapolis. Early in 2017 the BNC and the other neighborhoods in the City were notified that the Greater Metropo [...]
New Business Community Engagement
CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF OF THE 11/27 MEETING MINUTES CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF OF THE MEETING NOTIFICATION AND CITY COMMENT SUBMISSION DETAILS Ombibulous plans to open as a maker market offering only Minnesota made craft beer, wine, and spirits in Nor [...]
Help Plan Our Parks!
The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board is beginning the process of creating it’s East of the River Parks Master Plan. This plan is to help structure what physical improvements and changes are made in the neighborhood parks in NE and SE M [...]
BeltramiScare is Back!
BeltramiScare is back and we’re hoping to make it the spookiest year ever! We will have the haunted park tour and magician just like last year, but the format will be slightly different based on feedback we recieved after last year’s e [...]
Join Our Board!
From time to time, the Beltrami Neighborhood Council has open slots on our Board of Directors. These positions can be held by any person of legal age, who is a resident property owner, tenant, or non-resident property owner in the Beltrami Neighbo [...]
Viaduct Report Sent to City and Railroad
Over the course of the summer, the BNC has been gathering community input on the Spring Street viaduct area that connects the 600 block of Polk and 400 block of Harrison. We’re grateful to the almost 90 participants (drivers, pedestrians, an [...]
BNC Submits Taylor Street Letter of Support
After completing the community outreach and open comment process for the 415/417 Taylor Street Parcel, the BNC has finished and submitted it’s letter of recommendation to the City of Minneapolis as to which projects the neighborhood prefers. [...]
Coming Up: BNC Annual Meeting & Board Elections!
Every year, the Beltrami Neighborhood Council hosts an annual meeting where we give the neighborhood and surrounding community an update on what the BNC has achieved over the last 12 months. We will also have guest speakers that will give updates  [...]
New Development Proposals Open for Comment
The City of Minneapolis has just closed it’s Request for Proposals for development on the 415/417 Taylor Street parcel. The City received three different proposals for the space and now is seeking comment on what proposal the neighborhood pr [...]
Spring Street Viaduct Survey
The BNC is committed to keeping Beltrami safe for our residents. Over the past year, many community members have brought us their concerns about the Spring Street viaduct. This viaduct connects the 600 block of Polk Street NE to Harrison Street NE [...]