Beltrami Neighborhood Council Committees dive into the details of a particular theme, providing guidance to the Board of Directors.  Committees are composed of members of the Board of Directors and residents interested in the topic.  We are currently seeking residents to join all our committees!  Check the calendar for meeting dates and times.  Email or call the office for more information.

Current Committees

Housing and Livability

Housing and Livability was created after the Housing Committee and Crime and Safety Committee merged. Housing and Livability meets to review housing development proposals, discuss housing, crime, and safety issues, promote National Night Out, and develop programs that address security and renters’ rights.

Events and Fundraising

The Events Committee plans all BNC events, including the summer festival, Halloween, spring Earth Day Clean-Up, and more. This committee also helps the BNC conduct fundraisers such as the Cribbage Tournament at HeadFlyer Brewing.

Past Committees

Park and Recreation

The Park and Recreation Committee was formed in 2015 in response to the Save Beltrami Park effort. After that successful effort, it worked to ensure our new park pavilion was built this summer. If you are interested in working to ensure a bright and healthy future for Beltrami Park, please consider joining us!


The Environment Committee’s main responsibility is the management of the Beltrami Community Garden located at 1213 Spring St NE. It’s always open to more projects involving environmental issues. If you’re interested in alternative energy, urban green space, pollinator conservation, or just making our community a greener place to live, we’d love to have your voice on the committee.