Community Advisory Committee – Represent Beltrami Park

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has announced the beginning of it’s East of the River Park Master Plan. Part of this planning process is a Community Advisory Committee, where members of the communities affected can sit down and be a part of the process.  Members of the CAC are expected to represent the views of park users and to work collaboratively with each other and the public to provide comprehensive recommendations to the Board about the project. This Master Plan is specifically for capital improvements (such as building improvements or sports areas such as basketball courts or soccer fields) and will not address programming.

All neighborhood organizations in the Master Plan area are able to appoint one member of their community to represent the neighborhood. Neighborhoods then are grouped into small “roundtable” groups. Beltrami is grouped with Northeast Park, Logan Park, and Holland neighborhoods. Each small roundtable will then send one representative to the CAC. The other neighborhoods representatives will become alternates who can fill in at the CAC if their main representative cannot make a meeting. Alternates, along with the general public, are always welcome to CAC meetings in a more observational capacity.

The BNC hopes to determine an appointee to our neighborhood roundtable at our August 2017 meeting. If you are interested in this appointee position, please email your name, verification that you live in the neighborhood, and a short statement about why you want to represent our park, to Please send any questions you may have as well. BNC staff is happy to help clarify any part of this process.

What is a CAC and what do member’s do?

Through this process, CAC members are expected to become knowledgeable about the project and its scope, understand and represent the park and recreation needs of the community and park visitors and act as community liaisons for the project. Members will participate in public CAC meetings, advise MPRB staff and consultants throughout the planning process and recommend to the Board of Commissioners a preferred plan.

Time Commitment: The total time commitment for CAC members is estimated at 25-40 hours. Most meetings will occur on weekday evenings from (September 2017 through Fall 2018). The CAC will have 7-10 official CAC meetings of about two hours each plus any relevant work group meetings that individuals or the committee initiate. Stipends are available for childcare and/or transportation.

Are there other ways to get involved?

There are several appointed positions on the CAC that any resident of the East Side can apply for. Commissioner Liz Wielinski has two appointee spots (must live in Park District 1) and Council Member Jacob Frey has one appointee spot (must live in Ward 3). The general public is also encouraged to attend CAC meetings, although this will be in a more observatory capacity.

More information and the application for the appointed positions can be found on the Parks and Rec website HERE.