Help Plan Our Parks!

The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board is beginning the process of creating it’s East of the River Parks Master Plan. This plan is to help structure what physical improvements and changes are made in the neighborhood parks in NE and SE Minneapolis. This process does not make decisions on programming such as summer meals or winter playtime. It does include things like park building improvements, infrastructure improvements, allocations of fields (who has basketball courts, who has baseball diamonds, etc), and any changes to existing physical structures in the parks.

On top of holding regular meetings of a Community Advisory Committee, structured so that all neighborhoods can be involved, they’re kicking off a series of meetings out in the communities of the affected parks themselves. Beltrami gets to be the first meeting of that series! This will be held in the second half of our regular Board Meeting time on November 6th and is open to all who want a say in our park structure. See the flyer above for more details, date and time.

Questions to think about:

-Do we like what we have in the park currently?

-Are there features that are underutilized or over capacity?

-Do we want to change any of our parks equipment or fields?

-Are there any structures, sidewalks, fields, etc that need improvements and why?