Proposed Committee Merge

Beltrami Neighborhood Council
Livability Committee Proposal
December 7, 2015

Background: The BNC Crime & Safety Committee began discussing a move toward work on livability, a broader scope than just crime & safety.  In their discussions, it became apparent that livability work may overlap with the work of the housing committee.  The two committees met and propose a merge of the Housing Committee and Crime & Safety Committee into a newly formed Livability & Housing Committee.

Name of Committee: Livability & Housing Committee

Founding Committee Members: David Marsh, Tony Ogbozo, Mark Solom, Becky Phetteplace, Jax Benjamin, Bill Scripps

Meeting Date and Time: 4th Monday of the Month, 6:30-7:30 PM, Beltrami Park Building

Scope of Work: In accordance with the BNC Bylaws (2012), the Livability & Housing Committee purposes to:

  • Review housing development proposals
  • Provide oversight on housing loan program(s)
  • Provide oversight on Lights & Locks Program
  • Provide oversight on tenant outreach and engagement
  • Support block leader development and activities (i.e. block meetings, National Night Out, etc.)
  • Advocate for street safety (pedestrian crossings, traffic issues, etc.)
  • Address railroad issues as needed (viaduct, overgrowth, idling trains, etc.)
  • Conduct community meetings regarding livability issues

Proposed Budget:

  • Expanded Lights & Locks Program (motion lights, cameras, etc.): $3,000 (NRP II)
    • Current Lights & Locks Program (security strike plates): $1,699.63 (NRP I)
  • National Night Out promotion & support/Block Leader development: $347 (NRP II)
  • Tenant Outreach/Renters Rights Events: staff time (CPP)
  • TBD after review results from Neighborhood Priority Plan in 2016: $13,259 (uncontracted program income)