Park Programming Funding
At the February 5th Board Meeting, the Board of Directors began the 21-day notice period necessary for moving some of our funding from our Neighborhood Priority Plan: Reserve line to our Neighborhood Priority Plan: Park Participation and Lunch Staffing line. This, together with funding from Phase II NRP Park Participation and Lunch Staffing strategy, will create a pool of funds equaling $6,745. 
In 2017 the BNC used our City funding to help fund the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board’s programs at Beltrami Park. This includes summer staff, summer meal program, kids activities, winter indoor playground, and the movie in the park. The funding move announced last night is to do the same in 2018. If you would like to see the budget breakdown of this year’s funding versus last year, you can find that PDF document here [LINK]
If you have any further questions about the funding move, please contact BNC Staff at for more information.