Any person of legal age, who is a resident property owner, tenant, or non-resident property owner in the Beltrami Neighborhood is eligible for the Board of Directors.

Members are elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, in September of each year. If a vacancy exists, the Board of Directors shall fill the position by majority vote of the Board of Directors after the candidate has expressed interest in the vacancies.





Current Board of Directors

Jacqueline (Jax) Benjamin, Chair (2019)
Amber Mike, Vice Chair, Secretary (2018)
James Granse, Treasurer (2019)
Tony Ogbozo (2018)
Feyi Ojoyeyi (2019)
Nancy Repp (2018)
Mark Solom (2018)
Tim Barnes (2019)

We have three open spots! Find out more about being on our Board HERE!


Neighborhood Coordinator: Mike Ferrin