BeltramiSCARE Year Two: Revenge of the Goat! 

We hope to see you out at Beltrami Park for our 2nd annual BeltramiSCARE! 2016 will be back with our history tour, games and prizes, and, new this year, a magician show! Stay tuned to find out when the magician show will get underway. We can’t make this event a success without your help. Please consider signing up to volunteer for all or part of the fun! 

Beltrami Neighborhood Council BeltramiSCARE Year One: Return of the Goat 2015

In 2014 the BNC produced a modest Halloween event facilitated at the Beltrami Park Rec Building. At this time it was discussed how fitting a Halloween event would be at Beltrami Park given this past history of the park and its origins as Maple Hill Cemetery. The 2014 event consisted of a candy giveaway and attendees also received a toothbrush from local donations. BNC Board members and volunteers were in attendance to greet those attending. The event was low cost and saw a good number of attendees.

Due to the success of this event the BNC discussed expanding this Halloween event to include more games and a tour of the park focusing on the history of Beltrami Park as a former cemetery and a news story from 1899 about a young couple who were frightened in the park by the presence of a goat set to graze there. The BNC worked to allocate more games for the event, which included a coloring station, a ‘Mystery Bucket’ game, a dart game and a ball toss game and candy was available for all who attended. Both BNC board members and community volunteers staffed the games in the rec building. These games catered to the younger children in attendance and the park tour was available on a rotating basis (every 10 to 15 minutes) for all ages. CostumeRentals, located in Beltrami, allotted the BNC two discounted costume rentals, one for the volunteer tour guide and another for one of the park ghouls.

A volunteer tour guide started the tour by reviewing the history of Maple Hill Cemetery/Beltrami Park and the goat story from 1899, concurrently taking participants on a detour to view one of the three headstones still remaining in the park and a modern sign summarizing the history. The tour guide played the historic figure from the 1899 goat story, ‘Ole Johnson’, and his fictional fate as an older man returning to face the goat that had once scarred him and his love, Ida Olson, from the park in 1899. The tour was then lead into the park, which included volunteer and BNC members playing ghouls, scattered through out to scare those on the tour as they made their way through the park. Some volunteers were dressed in period costume from the late 1800’s and two other ghouls were dress as Civil War veterans, representing the Civil War burial grounds/monument that resides on the park grounds. Funds were used to purchase fake headstones which were spread along the tour, along with fake rats, spiders, cob webs and other wood headstones which were assembled.

The ghouls in the park included both BNC board members and community volunteers.Volunteers were spread through out the park strategically to scare participants as they were lead through the park by the tour guide. The tour ended with the confrontation with the goat and the tour participants, and a frightful run back to the rec building in retreat.