Housing Loans


Wanted: Your Ideas for Housing Programs


Early this summer, the BNC and other neighborhoods across the City of Minneapolis received notice that our housing loan administrator, GMHC was closing the doors to the department that handled administration services for our home loan program. Administering loans is an expensive and time-consuming process that most neighborhood organizations do not have the resources to do in house. With the loss of this service, many neighborhoods are switching to a new administrator and/or rethinking their housing programs entirely.

The BNC’s most recent home loan program was an emergency loan meant to help residents who need assistance in crisis situations such as furnace breakdown, flooding, or other problems that need immediate repair. Because this service was not utilized much by our residents, the BNC Board of Directors decided that the closure of GMHC would be a good opportunity to rethink what we offer.

Money for these housing programs comes from City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Funds (NRP). We want to make sure this money goes back into our community in ways that benefit as many of our residents as possible. We currently have a survey running to make sure that residents can make their voices heard as to what sort of programs they’d like to see offered in Beltrami. Let us know which programs you would utilize if we were to offer them! Link here: https://goo.gl/forms/ONvwCLcJaj93z5Cy1