Minneapolis renters often face issues and problems that are different from their homeowner neighbors. We also recognize that not all renters have the same problems as another renter even a block away. Regardless of the situation, empowering renters with the knowledge to navigate the systems that is set up to serve them is important to the Beltrami Neighborhood Council. We know it can be daunting and confusing, so we strive to serve our renter residents by making these systems a little less difficult to navigate. Our staff is always open to helping in a situation where a renter doesn’t know where to start to fix a problem.

New Renter Checklist

-Register to vote at your new address.

-Sign up for organics recycling if you don’t have it already.

-See what you are able to recycle in your blue recycling bin.

-Sign up for our email list to stay updated on events and services offered in the neighborhood.

-Sign in to NextDoor, the geographically based social media network for crime alerts, free items, items for sale, lost pets, and other updates from your neighbors.

What to do if you have problems in your rental:

-Call and email your landlord. If you’re concerned that your issue will be ignored, save copies of any emails you send.

-If you’re unsure if your landlord is responsible for the repairs needed in your unit, you can reference the “What Repairs Are Required in my Apartment?” guide.

-If your property owner is unresponsive to your request, or if you have questions about housing code, call 311, the Minneapolis non-emergency service number.

-If you want to file a report of a code violation you can do so over the phone at 311 or on the City’s 311 website. Make sure to get a case number in order to track your request.

-If you need legal assistance with issues such as evictions, repairs, lock-outs, Section 8, security deposits, renter’s refunds, pest infestations and discrimination you can contact HOMELine or Legal Aid for free legal resources and advice.