Welcome Packets Are Here!

Do you live in Beltrami and have a new neighbor, tenant, or roommate? You can request a Welcome Packet from the BNC! These Welcome Packets are delivered to any residence where a change of address is filed, but you can help us reach new residents earlier. Email our staff and we’ll add the new resident to our delivery rotation. Packets include helpful resources that will help new residents get to know our neighborhood, Northeast, and the BNC. Other information includes recycling guides, radon test information, energy efficiency information, and more! Each packet can also be tailored to include helpful information for renters or homeowners. Renter packets include information about what repairs are required in rental units in Minneapolis and what resources are available for tenants with questions about their units. Homeowner packets include the Minneapolis Homeowner Guide.

If you’d like to request a packet for a new resident that you know, email our staff at office@discoverbeltrami.org.