Yard Game Revolution

The BNC is kicking off a new and exciting summer tradition. Yard Game Revolution will take everyone’s favorite game – cornhole, or bag-toss – and revolutionize it.  Everyone knows how to play the game. But what if the rules were changed? Such as:

  1. Bags cannot be standard.  Specifically, bags must be fabric wrapped pellets, but cannot be made of two squares, each totaling 6 square inches, sewn together on four sides.
  2. Boards cannot be standard.  Specifically, the board cannot be 48 x 24 inches, cannot have only one hole and cannot be 12 inches in the back and cannot be 3 – 4 inches in the front.
  3. Distance cannot be standard.  Specifically, the boards cannot be 27 ft apart for each other.

This year’s event offered variations based on Battleship, football, and a fantasy dungeon crawl!