Join Our Board!

From time to time, the Beltrami Neighborhood Council has open slots on our Board of Directors. These positions can be held by any person of legal age, who is a resident property owner, tenant, or non-resident property owner in the Beltrami Neighborhood.

Vacancies that are not filled at our annual meeting may be filled by a majority vote of the current Board of Directors after the candidate has expressed interest in the vacancies and has met with at least one member of the Executive Committee.


Board of Directors FAQ

What is the Board of Directors?

Because the BNC is a 501c3 nonprofit, we have a Board of Directors who help make decisions for the Neighborhood Council at monthly meetings. The BNC has 11 seats.

What is the time commitment for a BNC Director?

Members are required to attend Board Meetings that are held on the first Monday of every Month. Directors are also encouraged to check email at least weekly to stay updated current activities and members are also encouraged to attend BNC events. With no committee involvement the average the hourly commitment per month is approximately 3-5 hours per month.

Why should I join the BNC?

The BNC is a great way to serve your community, meet your neighbors, and help make decisions on issues that affect Beltrami residents. The BNC receives funding from the City of Minneapolis for the majority of it’s programs and services. Board members help make sure that these funds are spent equitably and in a way that benefits all residents.

What topics does the BNC discuss and vote on?

The Board covers a wide variety of topics at meetings. These range from projects and issues in housing, events, fundraising, inter-neighborhood coalitions, community safety, neighborhood engagement, and community services. Projects we’re currently working on include:

-Welcome Packets for new residents

-Lobbying for structural improvements to the Spring Street viaduct area

-Working with the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation board to activate the community space at Beltrami Park to better serve residents.

-Planning our annual Halloween event: BeltramiScare

-Encouraging grassroots neighborhood events that better connect residents to their neighbors.

-Surveying residents and owners of rental housing in the neighborhood to better determine how the BNC can serve their needs.

-Business outreach and engagement

-Revamping our housing loan and grant programs to better serve the needs of the neighborhood.

I still don’t know if I want to join the Board. How can I learn more? 

Attending one of our committee meetings or events is a great way to learn more about what we do in a more casual setting. If you cannot make one of the meetings but want to ask specific questions about the Board, please contact our Neighborhood Coordinator, Mike Ferrin. He’s happy to answer questions via email, phone, or in person. Email him at or call 612-229-8480.