Viaduct Report Sent to City and Railroad

Over the course of the summer, the BNC has been gathering community input on the Spring Street viaduct area that connects the 600 block of Polk and 400 block of Harrison. We’re grateful to the almost 90 participants (drivers, pedestrians, and bikers) who filled out our survey. We have analyzed the data collected and have submitted a report of our findings, raw data, photos, and other relevant material to the City of Minneapolis and to the Burlington-Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company.

Your responses helped us craft three Recommendations that we will use to hold the City and railroad accountable for upgrades and upkeep of this area. Those recommendations include lasting fixes to the road running underneath the bridge, improved lighting over both the road and sidewalk, and a full concrete restoration of the bridge itself.

You can read our full report here.

You can view our raw data spreadsheet here. 

You can see the submitted photos here.